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Sonia Pajgert about herself


Welcome my dear Guest!
My name is Sonia Pajgert.
More details of my life for the works have no meaning.
About how my inner world looks like I will tell in few  personal reflections presented below


About painting

I have been painting (as I remember) since early childhood. In those times very painting was a moment captured only for myself where past, present and future coexisted together.  Each picture was a window for magical world. World where I was an omnipotent queen – independent of parental control, school principles and all responsibilities that shape human being and at the same time restrict  his/her artistic freedom. 
I never start new painting until I find in myself this extraordinary feeling that another world has been just discovered.  Emotions experienced in creating cause that each of my new created in artistic imagination picture is unexplored land or undiscovered yet planet.

Probably Columbus, Magellan, Amerigo Vespucci or people for whom work is their whole life could understand me.


About honest

In recent times there have been many "hyper-realistic" images. Authors use during creation over similar pictures computer graphics, photo - print and other modern technical equipment as well as images’ processing technology. It can be seen even to the unaided eye e.g. lack of the composition in painting, a lot of incorrect and broken perspective lines, no traces of brush strokes at the top layer of paint as well as the difference in technology performance of  background and other details shown on the image, etc. Personally, I think, with regard to the authors of these products, that it is a lack of respect mainly for themselves. That's when the mystery of creation disappears together with the joy of achieving his/her own painting experience.

I always try to start the image from the open-air sketches  meticulously analyzing everything from A to Z.
Yes, it takes quite a long time, but each finished picture brings endless satisfaction and great joy.


About styles

I am still wondering  what de facto means the expression "The painter has its own style." Does it sound like the announcement of the painter " artistic career end”? Does it sound like an ominous word "death" ...? It is hardly for me to consider this term as a kind words of appreciations for the workshop or creative artist's emotions.
Indeed, the painter should be associated with his elaborate workshop, who generated a recognizable and identifiable features, effects of his creative activities that distinguish him/her from the work of other painters. If it would not be possible, can we show the versatility and splendor of life only in one specific technique or style?

... Today I have a restless mood so I will use only the spatula.
... Tomorrow I want to play the flickering sunlight, then I begin to paint a translucent ray of sunshine, by using  only the smallest brush I have.
... And when the sound of dreams visit me –I will keep them by using pastels on paper.

I think that every painter, in the progress of  his individual artistic development, should strive to recognize and exploit the breakthrough moments on the way of his/her creative career. It is good that many of us - reaching for the brush are standing in the front of the easel with a passion in heart, with creative and uninhibited imagination by recognized canons - that is what brings a success.


About understanding


In everything that has been said above, I expressed what I do not understand ...
Now for the understanding. I understand that a novice painter goes to the very raw world of truism and various restrictions. Everywhere the painter experiences a pressure  of  authority, contemporary, popular styles and the desire of  becoming a recognized artist. Then the young painter begins to seize, to listen carefully the authority, to follow different styles and "recognized" ... as well as at the same time to lose the most precious gift that God had given him/her located on much higher level from the other gifts. This gift - is a talent

My honest advice to all who creates - listen to your heart and do not pay attention to what others say.

I wish you luck and magical outbursts of imagination.

Yours Sonia Pajgert.